Monday, May 26

Mobbed Vblogger in Oman

Adam Saleh

ADAM SALEH...haven't heard of him? Then apparently we have been living under a rock according to the recent mob that he faced during his visit to Muscat City Center.

I have watched a few of his vblogs and only that totally stands out to me is when he slapped his younger cousin for accepting a cigarette which he initially persuaded the boy to take. That's when I stopped bothering about this particular vblogger.

Apparently the rest of the country would disagree, since he was greeted by a throng on teenage girls screaming and wanting to take pictures with him during a quick visit to Oman. I am assuming for the opening of the Kiplings store in MCC (assuming cuz the YouTube video showed him being surrounded by screaming teens in front of the shop)

Let me just quoting his interview to ToO "This meet and greet was the craziest one I've had yet. This was my first time being mobbed and I had to be escorted out by security. I was touched by the response of the fans."

Can I just say that I am not impressed.
Adam's vblog does promote positivity towards Muslims and Islam. The screaming teens would definitely not approve and consider him at a celebrity status.

@omgadamsaleh your always welcome to visit Oman but can we make without the teen-gaga-ness :) #aishelaqtta

Mobbed in Oman 

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