Sunday, April 20

Summer is ON!

The heat is on at full force for the last few days, with high levels of humidity.

Must say that I definitely don't miss this weather, and cant help but wonder how the coming months are going to turn out. There are less and less activities on the agenda with the summer getting on the high but I do look forward to what might be on offer with summer packages from hotels, travel agents and even summer school programs.

I am sure would love to travel this summer but it seems that we might be stuck since we are moving house, and Ramadan is round the corner. Dreading the move in the heat!

Keep posted as to whats coming up on the blog, and the instagram account since I will keep updating on whats on offer. I heard from a little birdie that the Grand Hyatt have something great coming up in terms of a competition and prize this time is expected to be HUGE! so don't miss it.

Don't forget your sunblock and whatever else you may need to stay protected. Also keep hydrated with allot of H2O.

How are you planning to survive the summer heat?
Stay cool and safe..

ايش اللقطه
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  1. Oh My, good luck moving house in the heat!
    My initial plan for summer was to join a gym but I doubt that will happen :P Maybe I will just stay indoors and eat biscuits all summer..

    1. I am dreading the move!

      Let's see if I can get my husband to do it more or less on his own, or with a moving company. The Omani men mentality is that is so easy, and doesnt take much to move.

      Totally justified especially with your little cutie pie as company and I might join you hehehe


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