Tuesday, March 18

Oman International Film Festival 2014

Muscat International Film Festival 2014 to run from the 23rd to the 29th March showcasing various selection of a total of 102 movies from various countries with 11 of the films being Omani. The event is being held by Omani Film Society which was established in 2002.

"Muscat International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals Arab and provides a base for cinematic display creations of local, Arab and foreign , at the same time aims to support the talent and hobbyists to develop the film industry in the region" source

MIFF will screen 23 long feature films, 10 long documentaries, 22 short films and 47 short feature films. The films are set to be screened in various cinemas around the capital namely at Muscat Grand Mall City Cinema , Al Shatti City Cinema, Al Bahja Cinema and at the theatre of Oman Film Society.

To view some of the file productions created by OFS click here

Note: the website isn't completely updated, keep checking to view further information on the site

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  1. can u pls tell me how can i watch movies on this festival?

  2. "... various cinemas around the capital namely at Muscat Grand Mall City Cinema , Al Shatti City Cinema, Al Bahja Cinema and at the theatre of Oman Film Society"

    Link is in the blog post


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