Tuesday, February 25

Block or unblock blog

As I sit here thinking what can I post on the blog that would capture my audience and make them want to come back for more I came to realize that even bloggers with a concept get to experience writers block.

I haven’t used this platform to simply write like I use to when I had my personal blog “Wardatkhaleej” where I was putting anything and everything on the blog without filtration and not realizing that I was exposing myself to a community that known each other. Anonymity in this country is close to impossible.

Go anywhere and you are bound to find a handful of people that you actually know or know of by association. Being Omani born and raised does hinder a person’s freedom on many levels. I am not saying that it’s actually a bad thing but it can be an issue when wanting some peace of mind, and at times freedom not to be judged in any form.

Writers’ blog block gone!
Well let’s go back to my mine topic…

When finding a concept and idea for your blog posts can be an actual bigger problem than writers block. Often our block comes not from inability to write but from being uninspired about what to write. The concept of this blog is to keep people updated with what’s happening in the country and to delve into social media as its something I am interested in. What are the mechanisms that make social networking tick? Ohhh the games we can play.

Here a few times got get your blog juices going:
1. Get out in the “real” world.

2. Record ideas as you get them (let me count the ways)

3. Pick a blog post you have already written and see how you can expand on it.

4. Visit a blog you respect (you know who you are) and see if you can come up with arguments, discussions or simply mentions of what was written.

5. Ask your readers! Yes, you can tell me what you would want me to cover, or what burning question you want answered.

So with the 5th blog pearl of wisdom I leave you the choice for my next blog post, let’s see what the world out there wants to know about. You can place your suggestions as comments, or simply email me.

Enjoy the freedom of directing my blog for the next post. (keep it clean) Wonder if my other blogger friends would buy-in on the idea and allow thier views steer thier blog for one post 

ايش اللقطه
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  1. "Animosity in this country is close to impossible."

    Anonymity, maybe.
    Animosity is an everyday occurrence in Oman from what I remember.

    1. Thanks for spotting that, dont want hostility to be the driving factor in this country

  2. I'd like to know if you have a favorite beach, or park... and why. :)


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