Tuesday, November 12

Showcasing: Carterii

I came accross Carterii on instagram and thought that it was a unique way of showing Dhofari essence and the Omani culture as a whole.
The goal via these creation is to enhance Omani culture, products and empower the local producers through marketing their products through the World Wide Web to a wider market.
"Fascinated by the power of frankincense in the region, and its lively scent, being a part of our culture, practiced in our daily lives, they wish to share and spread parts of our beautiful culture with the world and revive our traditions through such initiatives.
Carterii is an online business serving local Dhofari frankincense by presenting it in a modern, trendy and contemporary style to the local market. The name was derived from the scientific name of the Frankincense tree. The products are great giveaways or favors to present at any event, small gift handouts for birthdays, visitors and wedding distributions.
Carterii is a modern concept utilizing Dhofari frankincense by presenting the product in traditional wrapping/ packaging with a modern twist and colours. It reflects the Dhofari culture, traditions and essence by using wrapping which represents something which is a part of the Dhofari everyday life." web source

They provide a  number of designs which you can choose from, each customized in its own way, handmade locally with great care and patience. The main theme "Tekia" is designed to reflect the pillow cases used in Dhofar and the Middle East in general. The pillow case is much bigger in real life, it reflects the warmth, intimacy and hospitality of our culture where everyone is seated together around the traditional coffee, dates or Halwa and the frankincense aroma flirting in the air greeting the guests and asking them to grace us with their visit once again.

To learn more visit their web site link
Insta- @carterii_oman
Twitter - @carteriioman

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