Tuesday, November 12

Local Happenings: Oman Diabetes Association (ODA)

Diabetes has become one of the most challenging chronic diseases with its prevalence increasing in most countries worldwide. In Oman, there are many factors which affect the care of diabetes. Diabetes care requires not only the support of the health authorities, but the contribution of all the sectors of the community and requires good financial support. In 2000, the age-adjusted prevalence of diabetes among Omanis aged 30–64 years reached 16.1% compared with 12.2% in 1991 source

Oman Diabetes Association (ODA) will organise a event titled as 'Live Together with Diabetes' to mark World Diabetes Day at the Al Bahja Center on November 13 and 14th from 5:00pm onwards.

This events will include educational programmes on diabetes and its prevention, free testing of blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

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