Tuesday, October 22

Show casing: Zumba it with Asya

Asya Al Lamki, a lecturer at the Institute of Health Sciences who moonlights as a certified Zumba instructor.

As certified Omani female Zumba instructor Asya bring a combination of health and fun into her work out. She isn’t really a gym going person, but her drive to spread awareness about health and fitness through Zumba is her motivation to keep doing what she is passionate about. The whole concept of Zumba is that you actually don’t think your exercising, but it truth you are dancing and getting a work out at the same time.
I have witnessed Asya in action on various occasions and if you’re willing to give it a try or just to see what all the hype is about then you need to attend her special Women’s Day Zumba event on Thursday, 24th Oct @7:30pm at The Champ in Al Khuwair (located behind the Redtag and Masjid Zawawi)


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