Tuesday, October 22

Local Happenings: Hala B’Eid, a Festival for Children

Hala B’Eid

Is a first of its kind festival for children that will feature a myriad of events, hoping to attract visitors from all over the Sultanate. The festival is showcasing Oman’s unique cultural diversity as the country is considered as one of the leading cultural melting pots in this region.
Hala B’Eid aims to promote education and social awareness within the community and encourage understanding cultures, faith and religion by teaching children positive values.
The festival will include activities for children to enjoy, like rides, stage performances, light shows, magic shows, talent shows, quiz competitions and more. Focusing on educational themes during the twoweek festival, a craft corner will provide children with fun, interactive and creative activities encouraging them to hone their talents. Visitors on October 24 and 25 can also enjoy live shows by Hala Turk.

Follow link procided for more information, tickets currently on sale for the 24/25the Oct events.

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