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Local Enterprise: Raz Salon Spa

I have always been a regular visitor of Raz Salon, since they have exceptional services and products that always lives up to the expectation that is Raz.

Recently, I was invited by the owner to try out the Spa at the salon, which at first mention I was hesitant to visit since the  Raz Spa is situated on the lower ground of the currently existing hair salon owned by Shaymaa Al- Barwani, the space was once treated as a storage room filled with unwanted items and was very gloomy so you can only imagine how challenging it must have been to transform it.

My hesitation was definitely misplaced, since at the afternoon of my arrival at Raz Salon I was greeted by the friendly staff who led me directly to the lower levels to the Spa. I was impressed that this hidden little cove was nothing like I had imaged, and did not seem like it belong to the rest of the salon. The décor of the Raz Spa radiated peace and tranquility since the owners made every effort to show off the small space to its maximum potential. The colors and deco left you in no doubt that you are in a Spa environment.

The lounge area designed by Nidhal Al Brashdi
The Raz Spa in itself was desgined by a local interior designer, who reflected exactly the image that the owners envisioned for the space. It comprises of a lounge area with shelves of various products and a TV, which opens up to a small niche allocated for short treatments and therapy. The use of tiffany blue was  integrated in a relaxing manner by bringing it together with arabesque design motif and white LED lighting. The combination gave emphasis to the modernity of the space. As you walk along the space you come towards two rooms dedicated for longer massage treatments and sessions, with equipment for facial included in the room. I thought it was ideal for those who want to utilize their time to get a two-in one treatment done without having to relocate to another room in the salon.

Tranquility was an understatement, since the Raz Spa blocked out all noise from the outside world, I relaxed into the small room which was fitted with two reclining chairs. My treatment started off with my feet being washed and lightly massaged to release any tension. After that I was told to relax on the chair as a blanket was brought to me and my foot reflexology treatment commenced.

As the therapist worked my tired feet, she asked as to the intensity that I preferred during the massage, and I slowly drifted into relaxation mode. I know that I was awake for most of the time I spent at the Raz Spa, but during those moments of bliss I was lost in a sea of tranquil relaxation, which took me a drift forgetting about the stress and strains of the work week.

I cannot fathom to tell you how much I enjoyed my 40min of bliss, and the much need peace that I felt while in the Raz Spa.

I knew that by the end of the treatment that I should've asked for a longer session and to try other massage treatments.Though I must say I am not worried since this is definitely a little cove of the Raz Salon & Spa I am not going to hesitate to visit again.

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