Thursday, October 24

Local Enterprise: Crafty in Oman

I cant have a blog page showcasing local talent and happenings without mentioning my very own social page on Face book!

As creator of the page I couldn't have done much without the admin assistance of +Mayya Al Said +Tanya Lerdkasem [ Heart made by Tanya]. The idea for the page came after participating with Mayya at another exhibition. It got me thinking of the less appreciated handmade talents displaying their hard work and creativity against commercial products.
Thus came Crafty in Oman (CiO) a social page on Face book that works as a gathering point for all homemade-handmade crafts and projects. The page also functions as a resource for the members in finding materials, local exhibition, connecting with others who share the same crafting skills and a selling/buying point for displayed projects.
Members register on the page, and share their craft project on the page, which allows other in the local community to know about and at times inspire others to start their creative juices flowing. We currently stand at over 1090+ members after only being in existence for slightly over a year.

We have conducted a few craft fairs for the group, and our members participate in various other local crafts and exhibition. We understand the hard work and dedication taken to produce something unique and creative, so CiO offers a specific targeted fairs in appreciation of handmade crafts and products, thus we do not allow commercially made items to share the same space in our events.
Look us up on Face book if you have a flare for making handmade crafts, we have various projects and work being displayed from crochet, knitting, sewing, clay, pottery, mosaic, wood work, handmade jewellery, quilling and many more.

The Week article written by Emma Abdulaal, June 27, 2012

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