Tuesday, November 17

Opening of Bambini Squisiti

Children clothing has a new address in Oman

Attending this event and venture opening was a great pleasure to me in so many levels. Bambini Squisiti is a family run venture which features a little over 23 international brands and labels; all of which are located within the store in Panorama Mall.


Bambini Squesiti which translates to ‘children exclusive’ is a new fashion haven created by the Ayedeh family, developed by the four daughters and mother who came up with the concept one afternoon. After a lot of work the mid to high end clothing store opened its doors to the thriving Omani customer base. The ladies each contributed with their talents, experience and professional backgrounds in executing and making their ‘one afternoon’ come to reality.
You may wonder as to why they would choose to establish such a fashion focused clothing store in Oman. The answer is simple… they wanted to able to bring the local customers the latest international fashion tends to their door-step.
Thus a customer would be able to walk into the store and find brand names such as Young Versace, Yosi Samra, Nanan, Juicy Couture etc. to name a few.
It was a pleasure to attend such an event, and to witness the fruits of this family venture come to life. As the slogan for Bambini Squisiti says “Exquisite, Fashionable and Trendy” so give them a visit when you’re looking for that something special for your children, or for a exclusive gift item. You don’t need to make the trek all the way to Dubai anymore to find that ‘something more’ simply head over to Panorama Mall for a Bambini Squisiti experience.
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