Sunday, February 15

(IDF Oman) Exhibition


I am actually considering to go to the Interior Design, Decor and Furniture (IDF Oman) Exhibition, which will be held from  17th to 19th Feb 2015 since i have recently moved to my new humble abode and would want to see what there is available in terms of decoration and furniture options. To tell you the truth I am a closet interior designer where I have always had an eye for decorating and know what items could go together to make a place look cozy. (totally bragging).  I only wish that I had the cash to spend on what I would really love to purchase and get done to my home.

Why not visit and see for yourself? This time they will be featuring 82 companies
Paragon Arts will also take part in the event. Visitors can interact with the artists and enjoy music played by American musicians. A lucky draw will be held in which three winners will walk away paintings by Paragon artists.

Aishelaqtta ايش اللقطه
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