Wednesday, November 12

A Nation's Sigh of Relief


Nothing could express our joy as a nation knowing of the well being of our beloved leader, and Dhofari Gucci's blog post brought me close to tears in seeing what every Omani felt being put to words.
Please do visit and read through what she wrote, you might just get a glimpse of how we felt as a nation and a justification for all the patriotic/ nostalgic merriment you see around you.

Picture reposted from Oman Coast Blog
My comment to the blog post
"As I read through this blog post you have brought me close to tears on a lot of what you’ve mentioned. No outsider would understand the tension we have faced as a nation, the long held sigh of relief just to receive the simple message that he is battling the sickness with all that he has. The Omani people just needed to see his resilience and gain strength from his worlds.
Thank you for the post for you have brought to words what I have struggled to portray. I have been contemplating a post like this but then with you words I feel justified that all what needed to be said was out there for others to see.
Thank you again. Yours Bint Oman"

ايش اللقطه
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