Tuesday, October 21

Italian Cooking Class

I initially was hesitant to attend this event, not due to lack of wanting but simply because I was going to miss out on a day of work. Then it struck me that I have not been feeling great recently, and have actually been on the ball at work that I needed a little pick me up event that would be just something that I would enjoy.
Confirmed my attendance and headed off to the Grand Hyatt on a Sunday morning rushing through regular morning traffic to make it to my first time experience at a cooking class…Italian none the less.
As I walked into the Tuscany Restaurant (where else?) I was half expecting to be greeting with vivid aromas of basel tomatoes, maybe a hint of brewing bell peppers or even the slight hint of coffee waiting to be masterfully created into a tiramisu.  Instead my other senses were teased with light snippets of conversation as ladies sat sipping on their morning coffees or teas waiting in anticipation for the morning to start.
Don’t worry, there was nothing amiss it was just too early and those tantalizing aromas were going to invade the air around me soon enough.
We were going to be instructed into first class Italian cooking by Chef Mauro Ferrari (wonder if he owns one?) as he took over the Tuscany kitchen and went along chopping onions,  dicing garlic, slicing up tomatoes  and celery and tossing basel leaves. He started off with desert, which to me seemed strange but then realized that it was the way to which you work your kitchen. At home I would’ve left off desert as the last dish to make but then it made sense to have your desert set up before going onto other dishes.
Desert was a crumble tart with hazelnut, and complimented with a mascarpone coffee cream. Sounds divine? It tasted just as good.  He then swiftly worked on a Rosemary Shrimp entrée, using the rosemary stalk as a skew, which added just the right amount of flavor to the dish and a pleasing portrayal to the eyes. All the while Chef Mauro worked on the Duck Ragout, Tagliatelle Pasta with Pepper Cream……divine!
He shared a few times about knives and how to make your sauce less acidic while cooking, which made for a lot of entertainment and information as he whipped the meal together. I shared a few pictures with my husband who promptly responded with “So when am I eating that?” and I responded with as soon as you buy the duck! (Could swear that it was the fastest he has ever responded to me via Whatsapp)

Buon appetito
To be a part of the next cooking class contact: call 2464 1234 or email muscat.dining@hyatt.com
Tantalizing pictures coming soon or you can view some via Instagram on @ Aishelaqtta

ايش اللقطه
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