Wednesday, September 24

Ozooma Omania


The Public Authority for SME development (PASMED) in association with Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) organised the second OZOOMA OMANIA event which was held in Muscat City Center on the 21-22nd of this month.

I must admit that I was beyond pleased when I got the invite from Omran to attend the Ozooma Omania. Typically when you hear the word Ozooma ie invite then you know your going to partake in a feast of a meal. In Oman Ozooma means an invitation for a group of people to a specific huge banquet or dining place.

There were around 10 locally run restaurants and cafes of the stall presented, each being handled by the entrepreneurs who established or owned the business. The array of food was tremendous! There were selection of sandwiches, deserts, bread, tea, and even traditional Omani dishes and coffee.

The advantage of the event was for the participating entrepreneurs to promote their brand and to have appropriate corporate support from the various organisation in Oman. Larger private sector corporations signed deals with the various local SME businesses encouraging and supporting their business either by catering to the various corporations, or with contracts allowing the SMEs to function in various shopping centers.

The SME participants were; S&H Chocolate Lounge, CHADO Tea Lounge, Gulf River-Omani Cafe, Sombrero - Fusion Cafe, Village Food- Italian Food, Pizaa Corner, PappaRoti- Caramelized buns, Al Mandoos - Omani cuisine, Shuwa Express- Omani Food & BBQ, Royal Events- catering.

I think what inspired me as I walked around the various stalls is the pride and passion that you could feel from each entrepreneur that was running their business. They might have been serving free food to the visitors attending but they were doing it with pride and complete elation to the fact that they have been appreciated and developed as upcoming SME businesses.

ايش اللقطه
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