Monday, July 14

Muscat Festival 2015???

Rumor mills are churning that Oman's biggest cultural event; Muscat Festival will actually be postponed next year, there were a few news announcements and social media discussion but nothing seems to be confirmed. Last year the festival was held on mid-Jan to mid-Feb.

Discussions are around developing the festival so as to target larger audience/visitors within the country. Additional talks stated that the funds usually allocated for the festival are to be utilized for required civic work in the capital.

A final decision was expected to be announced during the last Municipal Council session which was held in the beginning of June but nothing was announced. A finally decision is expected to come out during the upcoming council meeting.

In other news the Tour of Oman will continue to go on for next year which will be the 6th edition of the race being held in Oman

ايش اللقطه
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  1. I would actually agree with, in my point of view, the municipality really needs to step up this festival, its saddening the amount of money going into it, and at the end of the day the results aren't tangible. I mean this festival is done every year to attract international tourists coming into the country, but if we calculate the ratio of tourists and Omani's going the percentage is very small.
    I also think that the festival should be cater to everything & everyone, So who ever doesn't really visit should be able to enjoy the discounts on meal/clothes at least. There is nothing wrong with learning from sister countries that are pretty much successful in what they do, why not ! if its going to boost tourism economy into our beautiful country.

  2. God help you if that is Oman's biggest cultural event. It is a paradise of cheap Chinese plastic crap, bad food and staring.

    1. Please consider staying away so you don't have to bother with eating "bad food", etc. and griping like a baby.


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