Thursday, July 24

Aishelaqtta Logo Design

Aishelaqtta social media platform has launched an exciting new arts and design project offering a special feature of the artwork on all social media platforms, artist are to design and produce a unique  work representing their style of the Aishelaqtta logo.
This is a great opportunity for local artists to create a diverse and completely unique range of installations under one theme, which will enhance their exposure to the local community.

Submissions are open from date of launch and will close at 10pm on Thursday 14th August 2014. The Aishelaqtta Logo Design winner will be announced on Sunday 17thAugust 2014.
Entry for the Aishelaqtta Logo Design winner is free and submissions can encompass and/or reference the following themes and concepts:
The Aishelaqtta Logo Design is to be created in your own medium with event themed representing community goodwill, exploration, sunshine, adventure creativity, freedom, innovation, positivity and a celebration of all things.
Use the media of your choice i.e. photography, art and graphic.

All artwork submissions will be assessed by a panel that includes: Ibrahim Gailani @gailaniart, Reem Suwaid@rymdedignSofiya Bahlani @sofi_bahlani, SaharaHamayon @sahara_art, Ali Sharji @brilliantmindzphotographyManahil Kindy @theartwhisper

Further information visit and following the link to@Aishelaqtta on Instagram 

or via email to


  1. This should only be open to Omani artists.

    1. It is open to all local artist

      Submission are to be sent via aishelaqtta @gmail . com or on instagram account: @aishelaqtta


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