Sunday, June 29

LULU Hypermarket Strike!

Staff s at Lulu Supermarket have gone on strike during the weekend, with hearsay ranging from the distribution of the supermarket to the customers being stranded and not attended to at the cash register. I don’t really know what they details on this regard are but I have read that the demands came from Oman staff working for the supermarket.
What were their demands? Increased pay was one of the top on the list, with requests for decent working hours, bonuses and better working environment as a whole. The last point was in the fact that it seems that Oman workers within the supermarket are not treated fairly, and are morally dissatisfied.
The strike was actually staged after the a letter send by the Employee Union within the supermarket addressing the demands was actually ignored, propagating the strike within various outlets of the LULU supermarkets in Muscat.

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ايش اللقطه
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  1. What I found insane (over the internet) that lots of people making this issue as an expat vs Omani. We need to understand that this issue is like any other one that comes up in a establishment where employees are dissatisfied.

    1. The ones protesting were Omani and they were dissatisfied by the treatment they were getting from the management and colleagues at the workplace

  2. Why not ask LULU to shut down all their business & quit Oman for good.
    That shall give more room for Omani entrepreneurs.

    1. I wonder what will happen if all Expat bosses quit and leave a massive opportunity for locals Omanis to run business. Or even better, let all expats leave and let Omanis take over all jobs. From construction workers, cleaners and laundry guys to managers and supervisors.


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