Tuesday, May 13

Oman 2 Year Visa Ban Rectified by Ministry of Manpower

The rumour mills are churning again about the 2 year visa "ban" on foreign workers in Oman, this time we hope from a reliable source.

The information shared by Merge104.8 Facebook  last night stated the following
"A twitter statement from the Ministry of Manpower has put an end to the worries arising from the topic of visa ban. According to the ministry, the reports carried out by newspapers and social media is false and are a misinterpretation of the information received
The ban is only valid on those who DO NOT continue their contract for the full duration. Additionally, releases and transfers of an expat employee from one employer to another is still permissible an allowed based on the current rules and regulations"
Also part of the Arabic twitter statement (somehow the reliability of that information is also doubtful to me, who sends news and rules updates via twitter!!) Anyhow it also states that 'The Ministry is going to rectify the time frame allocated for though wanting to transfer jobs and with visa issues based on the rule, an announcement in this regard is to be expected very soon.' 
Guess this will put people at ease.
Must say that some of the reaction on other blog site where shocking, but then I can understand people frustration as to the ambigious-ness of their future prospects
You can see my earlier blog post labelled 2 years for Expat Working in Oman

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