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First PDO Day held on 12th May 2014

The morning was etched with excitement as this was going to be a landmark event to commemorate the visit of HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said to PDO Headquarters. The concept of celebrating the anniversary showcased In-Country Value (ICV), Omani Talent and SME innovation. The event in itself was held under the auspices of HE Dr. Mohammed Al Rumhy, the Minister of Oil and Gas and Chairman of PDO Board.

The new BMF building was divided into three sections each being representing the three concepts of PDO Day on various floors. An additional aspect of the event also included a ceremony which introduced the first PDO ICV awards to recognise the outstanding ICV achievements of its contracts and staff.

Aishelaqtta was invited as a Social Media Representative to the event, covering many examples of excellence represented among 100 exhibitors, showing PDO's strong and unyielding corporate commitment to ICV as well as that of individual members of the staff and citizens.

Omani talent was evident thought out the event represented from the master of ceremony, the video crew and the overall design of the exhibition. I had the pleasure of taking some pictures of 50 Omani employees on show, covering a whole range of skilled and expertise in for example photography, calligraphy, graphic design, sculpture, motor sport racers and karate!

Another aspect of the event was dedicated to SME stalls which portrays of the extensive support that PDO was providing to Omani entrepreneurs and community businesses. There was SME representation in the form of (not limited to) abayya designer, soap making, bakers, leather crafts, camel bone carving, jewelery design and dairy product manufacturer.

You could really sense the dedication that PDO was wholeheartedly giving to support all that was being presented on the day. There is allot of passion for, and dedication to ICV through promoting Omani excellence so as to create a high level local workforce.

I could not deny the level of enthusiasm and impressiveness of how the PDO Day was conducted by the people and talents that were displayed on the day. May we see more of such amazing support through other organisations and at the level that would enable Omanis' to flourish.


 Article for PDO Day Event - Invited social media coverage
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