Tuesday, May 20

Capital Veterinary Centre, Muscat

Attending the official opening of the Capital Veterinary Centre, located in Qurum directly opposite the Ernest and Young building.

The owner Zakiya Al Zakwani a graduate from Waljat Colleges of Applied Sciences with a Bachelors in Business Administration. You could say she inherited her love for animals from her father who is actually owner of a pet store. Growing up around animals she ventured into acquiring a diploma in Veterinary Assistance from Stradford Career Institute. You could see the passion and dedication that Zakiya has invested in the place and the hours she dedicates to the clinic. There are various times where we were supposed to meet and she would respond with "I am available at the clinic till 9pm".

As a child you always hear of the concept of a veterinarian and you grow up thinking that you understand what it takes to be a vet. My visit to the clinic was an eye opener in that I was able to witness something tangible when it came to animal care. Don't get me wrong we grew up with many pet and farm animals, exposed to various visits to the zoo,  and even had the opportunity to go for a trip to an African Safari; yet there is nothing that could have prepared me to the environment inside the vet clinic.  I could literally say that my "awareness" was actually limited when it came to caring of animals.

Walking into the clinic you are greeted with an open reception stacked high with animal food products, play things and other items which I could not really fathom what it could be used for. Though I did notice a name tag machine taking pride of place on the reception desk. The new location has various facilities in terms of x-ray room, grooming area, operating theater, general assessment room and room for the various animals that are admitted into the clinic.

It is interesting to note that they also provide Pet Travel services when you want to import an animal or leaving Oman, and boarding services where your pet can stay within the facility and is taken care of until your arrival. Zakiya was candid enough to inform me that there were a set of Siamese kittens with their mother who have not been picked up after being dropped off. She said that in such situation that they chase up with the family, or arrange for the animals to be adopted. I am still trying to get my husband to agree so that we can adopt. (dibs on the cats).

If you do have a sick animal at home, or want to visit the clinic then their doors are always open. I know that I want to take my kids to visit not to see sick animals but to see how a vet clinic operates and maybe witness a grooming wash session (kinda smiling at the prospect since my only exposure is via the square tube)

Do pay them a visit.Instagram
+968-24567736 / +968-95860232

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  1. Lol at "dibs on the cats"

    Sounds great to have a new option of pet care in town I need to go and check it out, thanks! :-)

    1. Its a distance from The Wave, but an ideal place plus the owner's father runs the Sabco Center pet shop if your considering get supplies or buy another pet

  2. Would have been good to include information on who the vet is? What experience they have etc...

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    2. Our veterinarian surgeon is Dr Peter Nolasco to learn more please call us on 24577551 / 95860232 in case of emergency 99888786 or visit our website www.vetoman.com

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