Thursday, May 15

Bring back our GIRLS and then?

'Bring Back Our Girls'
A rallying cry for Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls abducted on April 14

An interesting blog article on the Telegraph titled "If Boko Haram don't bring back our girls what are we going to do about it?"

"Nigerians have been protesting their government to take action to find the girls and bring them home. People around the world have joined in, using social media to call upon officials to #BringHomeOurGirls and express solidarity with the families. Celebrities, politicians and world leaders have joined the call." Online Source

It reflects my sentiments when saying that the huge social rally of the abduction of 250 schoolgirls is uplifting, but then what? Why are we negotiating with a terrorist? and in public? Aren't we just somehow glorifying Boko Haram?

Yes please do rally and do your little bit for the cause, but when all is said and done can we please not just put up bigger signs.

Note: I am talking about this on a social media prospective and at how at times our good intentions can be blinded to follow the norm or current trend.

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