Tuesday, April 1

Comex 2014

The much awaited Comex 2014 will be held on the 7th to 11th of April in the Oman International Exhibition Center. The event is organised and managed by OITE and led by the Information Technology Authority of Oman.
The exhibition will also include a conference, which will take place in the Golden Tulip Hotel located right next to the exhibition center.
"COMEX Conference in its firth year will focus towards real time communication applications and services available for the businesses to transform employee engagement and productivity through Mobility. In this track, attendees will hear from visionaries and thought leaders from throughout the mobile ecosystem, while taking part in discussions on exploiting the massive opportunities in the mobile real-time communications market." Source

There will be two pavilions within the exhibition one targeting business enterprises and the other focused on shopping visitors.
"The Business Pavilion provides a regional platform for business enterprises and their target audience to network, develop collaboration and partnership with government and private entrepreneurs. The growing importance of COMEX coincides with the tremendous progress and development of the ICT sector in the Sultanate with the multiplication of operators and users in recent years." Source
"The Shopper pavilion is used as a launch-pad for many of the latest products and solutions introduced for the first time in the region. Over 75,000 eager visitors throng to view and purchase these exciting innovations in technology easily available under one roof." Source 
A relatively new feature within the web-site is "Comex Matchmaking" where those visiting the site can register as exhibitor or visitors, used to indicate your actual interest in attending the exhibition, matching you with the right vendors.

In addition to all this there is an additional pavilion dedicated to eGovernment which "supports the inspirational vision of the Information Technology Authority to transform the Sultanate of Oman into a knowledge-based society. It brings together relevant government institutions which showcase their shift from traditional methods to digital transformation, to the general public." Source

For a list of exhibitors click here

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