Sunday, March 16

Oman Social Media Twitter Forum

Oman is taking twitter to the next step, by introducing a new concept named “Fikraa” which translates to idea. The company is established by Salma Al Hajri provides all the solutions and services related to social media for institutions of government and the private sector and individuals. Ranging from building a strategy for social media, management pages enterprise networks, social networking, campaign management networks of communication and services for analysis and measurement of content networks to communicate etc.

The company concept of Fikraa is to convert organizational ideas into reality using professional marketing strategies and to achieve business goals using social media tools and technology.
Finally a social media company that has the right direction in believing that creating an image for any organization within social media isn’t just about creating a Facebook page, or twitter account. Fikraa defines that an “active presence” within social media tools is the tool that will enhance organizational communication and future business.
Fikraa have gone a step further by creating an event, which gathers all social media enthusiasts. The Omani Social Tweetup will be held at the InterContinental Hotel Muscat on the 23rd March 2014. Twitter as a social media tool has enhanced the influence of people’s thoughts, opinion and exposure to what’s happen locally and globally. The idea of the forum focuses on bringing together the active members from the local community to discuss several topics and themes related to the quo system of social media in Oman.

To register for the event click here and find out more (Arabic) on Twitter
ايش اللقطه

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