Sunday, March 2

Hail Taxi!

It was bound to happen…
Taxis in Oman are going to get meters installed in them, finally!
It’s usually common knowledge that there are generally three different prices for the same taxi routes: one for Omanis, one for expats and tourists, and one for shared fares. Some taxi drivers take more, others take less. There has never been consistently on prices.

Muscat Municipality's plan to introduce taxi meters in Muscat Governorate is being warmly welcomed by passengers and drivers alike. The plan would equalize prices and remove the need to negotiate with drivers.
Those using taxis can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are literally not being taken for a ride, when it comes to prices with this new adjustment. The meters will be introduced in phases starting off with airport taxis followed by hotel and resort taxis, and concluding with all public transit taxis.
Have you ever taken a taxi in Muscat? What was your experience like in terms of pricing?

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  1. This is good news for those who want to engage taxis...and I am wondering what would be the scenario for those who still depend on shared taxis and cant afford to engage taxis?

    1. That is a very interesting question, but since this is a phase activity it would give time to see the (-)tives and adjust accordingly.

  2. Very much looking forward only because I am not very good at haggling. Though, I kind of understood the need for three different rates. My maid doesn't get paid nearly as well as I do, so only fair to get a cheaper rate. Most Omanis too don't get as well paid as expats.

  3. As someone who was used to paying 5 OMR for the 300 baiza paid by Indians, 500 baiza paid by Phillipinas, and 15 OMR paid by a poor druk British dude getting fleeced... I welcome it. I am sure taxis could still agree on being hired shared cars for lower rates...if that is how they did make their living anyways.

  4. I agree. I'm so tired to haggle and to notice that I never pay the same price for the same distance because it depends on the driver (hopefully, I speak Arabic with them which I believe really helps me to save money!). Very good news!!


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