Wednesday, March 12

Crossing the Indian Ocean

British quadriplegic sailor, Hilary Lister and Nashwa Al Kindi have decided to embark in a voyage from Mumbai to Muscat across the Indian Ocean in an endeavour to be the first severely paralysed woman to cross the Indian Ocean and the first Arab female sailor to cross it as well
Hilary Lister and Nashwa Al Kindi team up for extraordinary bid on Mumbai to Muscat trans-ocean voyage
Oman Sail’s support of innovation in sailing shifts to the Indian Ocean next week when British quadriplegic sailor Hilary Lister and Oman’s Nashwa Al Kindi set out on an extraordinary journey from Mumbai, India to Muscat to set two new trans-ocean records.
The Trans-ocean crossing, which is sponsored by Omani companies Mistal - Ajit Khimji Group and United Engineering Services, will start on March 10th and will be the first to be completed by a severely paralysed woman and the first to be recorded by an Arab female sailor.
Hilary is paralysed from the neck down but became one of Britain’s best known sailors in 2009 when she sailed solo around Britain to set a new disabled record.
Ever since she started sailing 11 years ago, Hilary who suffers from degenerative disease Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy has felt a strong calling to the oceans and although she has never spent more than 36 hours at sea before, this latest Mumbai to Muscat challenge is her most exciting yet.
Nashwa, an Omani dinghy instructor at Oman Sail who last November won the ISAF President Development Award for outstanding achievement in the development of sailing, said:
“I will be the first Arab woman to do this so if I reach Oman safely, this will be a record. I’m very excited. My friends and family keep asking me why I am doing this but the truth is I love sailing and one day want to sail solo so this is a small step towards my dream.”
Source Oman Sail

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