Tuesday, February 4

Trans Hajar Mountain Bike Race

Preparations in full-swing to kick off Trans Hajar Mountain Bike Race Wednesday- More than 80 participants from 17 nations registered in the world-class event

The Trans Hajar Mountain Bike Race, Oman, the annual multi-stage mountain biking race which takes place in the spectacular Al Hajar Mountains of the Sultanate of Oman, is set to start on
Wednesday for four days in the village of Al Salil near Al Amerat tomorrow at 8 a.m. The 313.8 kms mountain bike race has attracted 80 participants from 17 nationalities including several world renowned cyclists.

The race features some of the best mountain biking trails in the world. It showcases
Oman’s varied terrain and provides challenging winter training for people from colder areas of the world.

The event starts with 38.6kms in individual time trials on graded roads and rocky tracks with short steep ascents and descents plus the Rock Garden followed the next day by a breath-taking 84 kms Marathon Stage through Wadi Lahloo and Yiti. On Day 3, there is a tough 126 kms Marathon Stage with some monumental climbs and a series of tricky water crossings while the final day sees a gruelling 55 kms Marathon Stage as a finale.

Interested participants can register online at www.transhajar.com or register for individual stages at the Al Salil Race Village in the morning of the race.

Link to last years info and event click here
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