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Café Glacier; a family run bistro

I am so happy to have the opportunity to actually write about my all time favorite restaurant in Oman; Café Glacier. It always brings back memories to remember that this Bistro started its humble beginning by opening in the Qurum Complex in 1995 (known as CCC). My parents would take us to this family-run business on a regular basis as kids for the best Belgian waffles with the signature frozen yogurt ice cream.

Café Glacier is currently located at the corner of Zakhir Mall, where you can go at any time of a given day and be sure to be welcomed with friendly smile, and a cup of popcorn with your tea or fresh juice drink. The café is an open space, with simplistic design but there a few touches which make the place exceptional such as the potted orange plant right outside the café, which just adds a little charm to the place.
You can’t miss the great selection of the signature frozen yogurt, that no matter how much you ask for the recipe and ingredients the owner will always give you the same reply of it being a secret never to be passed on.  
Café Glacier has also introduced a few selective blends of coffee, which come from individual growers and are unlike any of the commercial stuff you see around. I can’t count the endless times that I have sat with one of the owners without him actually dwelling about the flavor and richness of his recent discovery of a new coffee blend that has captured his taste buds. If there is ever a location for coffee addicts and for fresh brewer natural blend then it can definitely be found in Café Glacier, and specifically with the owner who can sit for hours just talking about the richness of the recently roasted coffee beans brought to the café.
Might I add that you would never get the same blend of coffee two weeks in a row, since the owners bring in a different blend every time!  
What more would a person want? With the family ambiance and healthy made food, you would never be far away from home. Café Glacier makes every effort in making you feel at home and you will notice it by the customers who come in and out of the café greeting and knowing each other. There only a handful of Café Glacier customers that walk in and can get seated  directly, most customers are simply too busy greeting all the other customers since all the faces around are familiar.

What’s more personal than a place that makes you feel like family?
Opening Hours
Sunday - Wednesday: 9.30 AM - 10 PM
Friday-Saturday: 9.30 AM - 11 PM

Zakher Mall - easy access and parking at the rear
Al Khuwair
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968 98007111

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