Monday, December 2

Local: Jusoor- Non-profit Social Responsibility Organization

Jusoor aims at the development of the community through implementing sustainable social projects. Our belief in the partnership and the two way communication with all our stakeholders drive what we do at the foundation.

Jusoor's Social Project activities reflect its mid- and long-term vision, focusing on sustainable development. Jusoor turns voluntary funding into implemented social projects for the community, using market best-practice.

Sponsorship and donation activities of the Jusoor also reflect its short- and mid- term vision and offers cash resources or in-kind support to initiatives which have been promoted by third parties. These activities must be aligned with the Jusoor's focus areas and core objectives. Source

How can you get involved?
You can become a Jusoor volunteer and join a passionate team of people who help others become more productive, and work to improve the quality of life for individuals, children, families in the Omani community. link

Jusoor Volunteerism  Program; is the voluntary arm of Jusoor and its founding companies (Orpic, Sohar Aluminium & Vale). click link to find out more.

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