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Local Happenings: Zubair Small Enterprises Centre

The Zubair Small Enterprises Centre launched sometime in May of this year, is currently announcing the "winners" to recieve support in the growing SME sector in Oman.
An event held in May at Shangri-La’s Barr al Jissah Resort & Spa formally launched Zubair- SEC, which was followed by a day-long workshop for aspiring small enterprise applicants. The workshop and orientation was attended by 100 enthusiastic Omani entrepreneurs who were briefed on the process to apply to participate in the Zubair SEC Entrepreneurs programme.
The centre seeks to provide small business advice and consultancy services, and plans to support many more businesses in the small enterprises sector through access to leading business experts and workshops. Administrative e-lessons are planned, alongside information about marketing and pricing strategy and introductions to local and national companies supporting small enterprises in Oman.
The Zubair SEC team have reviewed the ideas based on the pre-defined criteria and shortlist the best five applicants to proceed into the programme and are currently in the process of announcing the winner at Bait Al Zubair

The Zubair Small Enterprises Centre announced the first 8 winners who have been selected to receive the direct support from the centre.
  • Eman Mohammed Al Farsi (Asrar Arabia)
  • Ali Mousa (Motorsport Solutions)
  • Mohammed Al Lawati (MathaQ)
  • Wafa, Shatha, Waad, Ahed Al Jabri (Meshan Dates and Sweets)
  • Odai Al Dahmani (Areej Decorations)
  • Nadia Al Shamsi (Nadia Jewelry)
  • Yasser Al Abdullah (Memories Studios)
  • Jokha Al Husaini (Shumookh Engineering Consulting)


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