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Local Happenings: Dar Al Atta's Mobile Library "Maktabati"

Dar al Atta'a mobile library Maktabati (my library) to start touring by end November 2013. The bus is expected to start going around the capital area and its outskirts. The bus was donated by the funds generated at last years Crystal Ball held by Women's Guild Omansource 
The Maktabati mobile library is expecting to reach all the governates on Oman so as to develop children's interest in reading, enhance their skills, and increase their accessibility to a variety of books. making book available to all children via the Maktabati bus will allow exposure to books, and build a passion for reading within the society.
Reading shouldn't be seen as just school text books, but as a pleasure that needs to be enhanced with honing in on reading skills and variety of available books, which will be accessible to the children. 
Reading is a key to learning about our surrounding world, and impreovement to a persons intellect.
The Maktabati bus project reuqires a driver, a librarian, insurance and the costs associated with running the vehicle. Dar Al Atta'a and the WGO are looking for sponsorship to cover those costs. Specifically they are looking for volunteers – especially Arabic speaking volunteers – to help children with reading practice. In additon to allocating a permanent location to set up a bookshop.

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  1. Does anyone know what happened to the Sindbad Mobile Library? Is it working? What happened to the donations?

  2. A bit of browsing suggests that the Sindbad mobile library and the Maktabi mobile library might be the same, but with a new name. If they are, what happened to the money previously raised? Is someone able to publish what money has been received and what has been spent?

  3. The Sindbad Mobile Library was a project initiated in 2012 by Al Roeia newspaper, and the person running the program approached Dar Al Atta'a for book donations. Al Roeia are still funding for the current project by Dar Al Atta'a as the Maktabati (My Library) mobile bus.

    For further info you can contact Jane Jaafer (email aishelaqtta[@] gmail [dot]com) for phone number.


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