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Local Enterpise: Ben Malik Al Mahrouki Est. LLC

The Ben Malik Al Mahrouki Est. LLC is run by a young and enthusiastic Managing Director; Ghadna Hamed Al Mahruqi a graduate of The Sultan School,Oman and holder of a Bachelor's    degree in Bachelor in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from Curtin University of Technology.

"The Company was initially set up as a Trading House Marketing International Brands of Consumer Durables and Industrial products Catering to Ministries and other Institutional Clients. In 1982 Responding to the clarion call of his Majesty, the scion of the Mahrouki Family Hamed Said Al Mahrouki founded a Company by name BEN MALIK AL MAHROUKI.

The discovery of oil reserves around the country, oil related activities such as oil exploration and drilling gathered increasing importance. Colonel Mahrouki seized the opportunity of associating the company with Leaders in the field of geophysical, seismic survey, oil exploration and drilling Activities with the development of the manufacturing and services sectors in Oman with emphasis on tourism and fishing, BME soon launched itself into the areas of boat building at its expansive yard. As the only company licensed to manufacture steel, fishing boats and equipped with the necessary expertise.

The company commenced manufacture of fishing and transport vessels to provide the local fishing community with state of art vessels equipped for deep sea fishing, as the expertise in this field grew, the workshop activities grew laterally to include construction, steel fabrication, joinery works, boat maintenance etc." source

The complete range of services provided by the Ben Malik Al Mahrouki Est. LLC

ايش اللقطه

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