Monday, November 11

Local Happenings: Traffic Safety Expo 2013

I am a big advocate for road safety, not only due to it being the correct and safe way of driving but its simply cause of my own personal experience. I had the unfortunate incident of getting into a major car accident, which rendered my car to be written off and for me to live with a scar on my wrist. I have grown to actually appreciate that I came out of that accident alive, and to consider the scar as a constant reminder to be safe on the roads.

On another level I have lost more than one family member to the roads, due to various circumstances that lead to their accidents. Be it negligence, speeding or simple fatigue.
Thus today's post of Oman Traffic Safety Expo is a little on the personal side, which I am sure that more than one reader can actually relate to at one level or another.

You may have also lost someone dear to you to a car accident, or heard of a friend that could've been injured due to negligence on the roads.

The Expo is running today to the 14th of November.

A snippet as to what the expo is all about:
"Traffic Safety Expo 2013 is one of the key platforms which will feature not only the latest trends and most innovative solutions in traffic safety but also an event which highlights the effective safety models and best practices implemented in the Private Sector.
The exhibition provides exhibitors an exclusive opportunity to meet senior government officials, senior police representatives, fire and rescue safety officers, policy makers, industry executives, engineers, fleet managers, safety professionals and general public."  Link to Expo objectives (click)

I would hope that some of you will take the time to visit the expo, such incentive will not succeed or continue without your support. Your visit with family and friends can be a validation to the memory and statement of remembrance to those we have lost on the roads. You can also consider it as awareness to the younger generation to make a difference in the way they consider safety as a priority to driving.

The Traffic Safety Expo is organised by Oman Expo will be held 11-14th Nov at the Oman Exhibition Center located opp. the airport and right next to the Golden Tulip Hotel. | Insta@aishelaqtta

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