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Local Buzz Worthy: Children’s Public Library

Children’s Public Library

There have been remarkable achievements in the fields of education and a huge expansion of Internet access in the country but many have pointed to a lack of literature available to the public that has made it difficult to foster a culture where reading is something that is done for pleasure. As is well known, Oman’s experiences in literacy have been remarkable. In 1970, only three formal schools covered the entire population of Oman. Following the education reforms that have been put in place since 1970 there has been a revolutionary effect on literacy rates in the country; now practically all young people in the country are considered literate.

The Children’s Public Library located in Al Qurum by the Children's Museum, Muscat. The library building architecture made of mostly of a glass front and coloured glass façade, it is in fact situated at an elevated height of 2.8 metres above the adjacent road.

Facts on the children's library​
  • The first children's library in Oman
  • Situated at Qurum in Muscat, sharing the neighbourhood with the Qurum Natural Park, the Amphitheatre and the Children's Museum
  • The owner is the Ministry of Heritage and Culture
  • Concept design by Vitetta specialist library designers from the US
  • The library area faces north and the wetlands beyond, thus minimising heat gain and offers a spectacular view of the sea beyond
  • The entrance atrium is three storeys high and is emphasised by double glazed structural glazing.

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