Thursday, October 24

Show casing: Reem Al Shaikh

I have always wanted to learn to be a decent photographer, and i had started down that line but then with my kids and commitments it sort of just faded.
In this post I would like to showcase a mom with a passion for photography, Reem Al Shaikh  has gone a step beyond and dedicated her time to technical and shooting of still life. I have personally had a photo shoot with Reem, and truthfully I believed that there was not even one decent shot that she could have taken what with my kids not cooperating and getting distracted at the drop of a hat. She shocked me beyond words when i got not only one but around 20-something pictures and with the right tweaking looked astounding. At one point i couldn't believe that those children she portrayed in the pictures were mine.

Exaggerated you say?

Well seeing is believing and I invite you to link to her web-page and just browse through her portfolio of dream-like captured moments.



  1. Love her photography... Keep up the blogging baby love it

  2. Thanks for the support luv xox


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