Monday, October 28

Local Happenings: Mutrah Souq Treasure Hunt 2013

Riyam Park for 9:00 am Check-In

Organized by : Jill Stehlin
Each team of up to four people each will be given the same clues, designed to take them on an exploration of Mutrah Souq.
Clues will be in the form of riddles and can be solved in any sequence you wish. The answer to each question will either be an item to be collected, something to be photographed or an answer to be written on the Answer Sheet provided to your team. The team with the most correct answers wins.
Register online at Center for Omani Dress  or you can register at AlGazal Opticians in SABCO Commercial Centre (cash only!) Pass the word - the hunt is on!
click here for guideline for the event
FREE copy the maps Mutrah Souq: Uncovered and Mutrah Souq: At a Glance produced by the Centre for Omani Dress

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